The L.E.A.F. - Leather Essential Air Freshener

 Leather Essential Air Freshener


The 1st EVER upclyced & reusable air freshener 

The research and development process when creating something new is always exciting, but at times can also leave the creator feeling defeated.  This time was no different.   I knew I wanted to create a unique air freshener that lasted for more than a few days and had the ability to be re-used in such a way that would ultimately create less waste for “OUR” landfills.  Keeping the consumer at the forefront of this process, it was also important to create a product that would  have the consumer from having to constantly shell out their hard earned money every time they would get their car washed or just wanted their car to smell good.

As a company who makes and creates products that are Vegan and Cruelty Free, it was especially important for me to educate myself on the process of how hides are made and how the animal was treated in the process.  Although not a Vegan myself, the ethical and humane treatment of animals has and always will be a priority in anything I make or create.  It was important to me to know the animals story, Yes every animal has a story!  How they lived, what they ate, how they were raised and how they were treated before they died.

In researching I found that Brazil, Argentina and Columbia were known for their fair, ethical and humane treatment towards each of the communities animals.  In many cases these animals have died from natural causes.  None of these communities ever bred animals for commercial use or financial gains.  They treated these animals as family members. When the animal passes on, not only do these communities bless the animals, but a sacred ceremony is performed before utilizing all parts of the animal (nose to tail).

So after much research it dawned on me that in life, not one person and not one animal are every the same. So a lightbulb when off, because I knew not every hide I purchased would provide the same color or texture for what I wanted the create.  So what shape could I create that would offer that ability to constantly change.......A LEAF 🍃 🍂 🍁 

So save a Tree and pick a LEAF the next time you decide to buy an air freshener for your car. 

Each LEAF comes with:

1.  One LEAF

2.  Cording to hang the LEAF

3.  2 ml fragrance/essential oil roll on 

              ***side note****

All LEAF products come unscented

This allows you to decide how you want your LEAF to be scented


Simply apply desired essential oil(s) to the back of your LEAF....or use any of the roll on options offered by Nobodo.

For a longer more powerful LEAF, you can apply to both the front and the back of the LEAF.  

The length of time may vary but, whatever you do, DON’T THROW YOUR LEAF AWAY
Re-apply essential oil (s) as needed to freshen up your LEAF




#beLEAF In yourself