Essential Oil Earrings - The Suede & Chain Collection
Nobodo, Inc.

Essential Oil Earrings - The Suede & Chain Collection

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The Leather Feather Collection

A little Suede and Chain never hurt anyone!  This collection incorporates a variety of colored Suedes and Brass, Gold and Silver chain links.  Like all of the other collections offered not one pair is ever the same! This collection comes in a variety of sizes from 1 to 7 inches in length (so please read within each earring description before purchasing). The colors,  texture and patterns used to create each individual pair of earrings will NEVER be the same as the pair made prior.  I truly believe in originality and holding true to that belief, I will not replicate any earring to be identical with any other pair of earrings made.  A pair may look similar but will NEVER be the same!  


Every pair of earrings are hand cut and are one of a kind pieces of art

I may NEVER get the same color, texture or quality of Leather/Suede or Feather ever again!  So if you see a pair you like it’s highly recommended you buy them!

Although all earring patterns remain the same shape the color - beads - stones - markers - paint - wire can and will change from earring to earring.  This adds to the uniqueness of the Nobodo line of Essential Oil Jewelry  

No two pair are ever truly the same

Size and shape can and will vary

All earrings initially come unscented
(Current scent options offered by Nobodo can be found under the “ON A ROLL” section) 

All earrings are LIGHTWEIGHT