Santal - HBC Mist
Santal - HBC Mist
Santal - HBC Mist

Santal - HBC Mist

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Santal HBC Mist -

This scent is rich, woody, musky and Smokey.  Fused with a mixture of Sandalwood, Violet, Cardamom, Iris and Ambrox this scent without a doubt can be worn by both men and women.

Santal is an olfactory slice of heaven and painstakingly sexy

Top Notes: Violet + Cardamom 

Middle Notes: Iris + Musky Ambrox 

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Leather + Sandalwood 

HBC Mists can be spritzed on your bedding, curtains, towels, clothes, areas where you keep your dirty laundry or garbage.  You can even spray in your hair when its wet, so that when you blow dry or air dry your hair the scent will hold all day long.