ON A ROLL - Roll On Perfume

These Exotic - Earthy - Tropical - Fruity - Calming - Crisp/Clean and Floral scented roll on perfumes are created to be long lasting and richly aromatic!!!

Each "On a Roll" is hand crafted from the highest quality Jojoba Oil and infused with specially blended essential/fragrant oils.

In keeping with the Nobodo Mission, our roll on perfumes are packaged in GLASS, which is a bit more expensive; but I knew it was the ONLY WAY!!!

These 10ml Roll On Perfumes are not only packaged in amber colored glass, but I also took into consideration the roller ball, which is metal and NOT PLASTIC!!!

True of all Nobodo products, every different scent of Nobodo Roll On Perfume has more than 1 use. You can use it as a traditional roll on perfume, but you can also swirl into the palm of your hand (rub hands together) and run through "DRY" hair. The Jojoba Oil will not only penetrate and nourish your hair but the fragrance will literally leave your hair smelling scrumptious while taming those pesky flyaway hairs.

***This will for SURE turn heads***