My Story - My Message

My Story, My Message

So as I entered my 40’s,  I realized that my current deodorant wasn't working like it used to.

I started searching for deodorants that worked, from mens deodorants to womens clinical strength deodorants to all natural/organic deodorants and NONE OF THEM WORKED... to say the least I was UNDERWHELMED!

 This happened over a period of 6 years.  I then heard about BOTOX shots, so excited once again I went to the Dermatologist only to find out that it was only good for individuals who had a sweating issue and well that wasn't my issue, so back to the drawing board I went.

 I scoured the internet for different all natural/organic deodorant recipes, and like a mad scientist I started buying and mixing products.  After many days, hours, trial and error, I finally came up with what is now called Nobodo - NO BOdy DeOdorizers 

What if your personal care products you used everyday were packaged and made in such a way you could potentially reduce your risks associated to different types of Cancers, Hormone Disrupters, Alzheimer’s and even Autism....would you want to find out how you could purchase these safer option products - The answer 100% of the time is unequivocally YES.

 So when I started Nobodo back in 2014 due in part because one day my own OTC deodorant wasn't working up to Par,

I decided to take matters into my own hands and through various experimental formulas, trial and errors I was ready to ask family and friends to be part of various focus groups.  I created the 1st product in a now 32 sku product line.  These products range from Deodorants, Bug Repellents, Odor Eliminators, Colloidal Silver Antiseptics, Body Scrubs, Roll On Perfumes, Facial Serums, Beard Oils, Brow and Lash Lengthening Serums, the coveted HBC MIST line and NOW Leather & Suede Essential Oil Jewelry Line (Faux Leather Options Available)

While I creating the Nobodo line, I knew I needed to start thinking about how I was going to package all of these products. I was saddened when reading all the harmful carcinogens that are used in the process of making plastic, (a common and highly used option for most companies due to its cost effectiveness as this ultimately lowers their end cost, which ultimately increases their profit margin; a practice highly used by over 95% of your current OTC brands.

Companies who knowingly package their products in harmful numbered rated plastic packaging or those companies that claim their products are “All Natural/Organic a proceed to package in toxic packaging, knowing that it has the potential to leach and breach carcinogens into your otherwise All Natural or Organic products is conundrum if ever I’ve heard!

I mean why would companies want to potentially cause harm to their consumer with chemically laden ingredients and utilize toxic packaging when it's the consumers who keep these companies in business....SMH 🤦🏼‍♀️

So this is why Nobodo only encapsulates its products in either Glass, recycled paper or tin packaging, all the while keeping prices between $12 and $40 dollars.

(If your interested in learning more about the plastics your products are packaged in and their carcinogenic levels you can find the link on my home page under Strange Days).

A consumer at heart, I knew I wanted to offer within each of products offered, I have implemented a multi use feature which saves the consumer money as they would need to by less product(s) and less waste for our landfills.  My next idea was and everyone thought I was crazy, but I wanted to establish within the HBC MIST line a fun refill option. This option would allow the consumer to not only to receive more out of the product, but be part and experience what it took in the making of this product and if I can potentially inspire someone into wanting to create something from that experience then it makes me feel good knowing that I might have played a part in that.

 I don't have my masters or certifications (yet) for the cultivation or distillation of essential oils, but what I do have that can't be bought or taught is the Passion, Desire, Drive and the Hustle to succeed in an otherwise greed filled world -

 In tandem with Nobodos affordability, transparency, integrity and educating its consumer,  it was also an integral ingredient that I offer the consumer the experience of being heard and appreciated as that is what each Human deserves!

 Nobodo would like to make a better life for YOU, Your children and your children's children 

What if we thought more about what goes into something and what it comes out of

What if more things were made for the good of the consumers

 What if more things were made to matter?

 By purchasing Nobodo products, together we can change what if to WHAT IS!

 After all it's YOU, the consumer who keep businesses in business.