My Story - My Message

My Story, My Message

When I entered my 40’s,  I realized that my current deodorant wasn't working like it used too!  It seemed none of the other over the counter natural deodorants worked either.

I scoured the internet for different all natural/organic deodorant recipes, and like a mad scientist I started buying and mixing ingredients.  After many weeks, hours, trial and error formulations, I finally created my first product.  Now the line includes Deodorants, Bug Repellents, Odor Eliminators, Colloidal Silver Antiseptic Spray, Body Scrubs, Roll On Perfumes, Facial Serums, Brow and Lash Lengthening Serums and the coveted HBC MIST line.

Since the inception of Nobodo in 2014,  I have discovered more about myself and my abilities along the way.  As I evolved, so did Nobodo!

In this process, I have changed certain formulations, scents and packaging.  I also changed my approach in what and how I create.  

I started tapping into talents I didn’t even know existed in me. This was partly because I, as many other entrepreneurs needed to pivot during the 2020 Pandemic.  At last, a new mindset along with a new and fun creative line of apparel was created.

So without further ado, I introduce to you


In this house I create art, I make jewelry, I make wearable art, I make products, I don’t judge, I teach, I inspire, I am loyal, I am transparent, I am peaceful, I am love, I am unique, I am one of a kind, I turn my creative ideas into reality.